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The FITPause Journal: A daily self-care journal for the busy educator

The FITPause Journal: A daily self-care journal for the busy educator

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It's finally here! The FITPause Journal made specifically for educators!

To be an extraordinary educator, you must first be extraordinary with prioritizing YOU!

To be a shining beacon of positivity, knowledge, and experience you must prioritize your self-care. Becoming the best educator you can be, starts with taking the time to focus on yourself so you can be exemplary for others.

We know that pouring your heart and soul into educating children can cause emotional, mental, and physical burnout. We can change that. The FitPause Journal was created to provide a life-changing tool for educators to help balance all important self-care with the pursuit of educational excellence.

This dynamic self-care journal will help you:

  • PAUSE and put yourself first.
  • REFLECT on what inspires you, your goals, and your desires.
  • BREATHE through daily FitPause meditations.
  • Understand the various facets of self-care
  • Create an actionable self-focused plan
  • Challenge yourself to select new activities every day
  • Daily mental and emotional needs check-in.
  • Effective stress management
  • Create an internal paradigm shift in your mindset to skyrocket the effectiveness of the work you do as an educator

Grab the FitPause Journal today and become the HEALTHY, HAPPY and HIGHLY PERFORMING educator you were always meant to be!

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